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26 jul. 2009

Michael Jackson dies / UK release postponed

Fans and music colleagues around the world have been saddened by Michael Jackson's sudden passing yesterday.
Here's a comment from Magne on"Michael Jackson leaves behind an incredibly rich history of music and a complicated posthumous reputation. He lived a life filled with absolutely extraordinary ups and downs."

Coincidentally, Michael Jackson was mentioned in the MASSIV magazine interview with Paul last week:
MASSIV: - I came across an old article about Michael Jackson wanting to work with you?

Paul: - Yes, there was some kind of dialogue there, but I don't remember exactly what it was about. He owns the publishing company that has the rights to some of a-ha's songs. We also did a concert in Los Angeles where he was sitting in the first row together with Sophia Loren. I remember feeling particularly stiff-legged that night.
- Wow! Did you talk to them afterwards? Did you have eye-contact with her?- No. They sneaked in after the concert had started and left before it was over, both of them wearing large sunglasses and Michael with one of those surgical masks. Halfway through the concert Morten stumbled over a monitor and landed in front of their legs, so I'm sure we made a lasting impression, one way or the other.
- Michael Jackson wrote a letter for you, do you still have it?- If we do, our former manager Terry Slater must have it, but a lot of stuff from those days has disappeared.
- Speaking of Slater, are you still friends?- Sure. We see each other now and then.
Another connection between Michael Jackson and a-ha is of course filmmaker Steve Barron. He directed the music video for Jackson's 1983 hit "Billie Jean", and went on to direct eighta-ha videos between 1985 and 1990.
reports that the FOTM release dates in the UK have once again changed. The single has now been postponed to 20 July, while the album will be out one week later, 27 July. As a consequence, the HMV signing session in London on 13 July has been cancelled. According to, "the band and management are very sorry for any inconvenience and will do their best to reschedule the event".
The other two live performances that have been announced for the UK in July are going ahead as planned.

Source: An unofficial a-ha website

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