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26 jul. 2009

VG article

a-ha are on the cover of VG's weekend magazine VG Helg today. The cover picture was taken by Janne Møller-Hansen in London last week.
Inside there is a 9-page article, focusing mainly on pictures Møller-Hansen took of a-ha from 1985-87, with new comments from a-ha themselves.
Magne's comments are especially hilarious, with lots of friendly mocking of how Morten looked back then, but also of himself.
There is also a picture of the a-ha members revisiting their first London apartment at Orfali House in Queensway last week. They lived there for a while back in the early London days, from January 1983.
exhibition consisting of seventeen of Møller-Hansen's old a-ha pictures will be held at Lillesand art gallery from 20 June - 19 July.

BTW, a few video clips from the Berlin press conference are now up on YouTube:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3(Thanks to Jass for the links!)

Source: An unofficial a-ha website

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